The Story of Atelier Oficio

Hi, I'm Isabella and I'm from a historic and charming town in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the beauty of the lush trees and forests can make me cry. 

I went to Fashion Design School and to Costume Design School simultaneously, and worked as a theatre costume designer for many years. I moved to New York and than Toronto right after I graduated but always went back to Brazil during Winter. When I turned 30 I decided to start Dreaming with Isa, as a way to connect with people and share my passion for 'making'.

'Dreaming', as I call it informally, existed to bring a whimsical and fun view on girl's party dresses. My plan was to make clothes that would pass on from generation to generation with high quality workmanship and materials.

But with time, the focus of Dreaming went from children's clothes to decor, and then during the pandemic, it landed on masks.

Dreaming was no longer what I had originally intended it to be, so I had to gather my thoughts and feelings, and rethink everything.

So in 2021's Toronto cold December, and after 2 years of not seeing my family in Brazil because of the pandemic, my husband and I decided that it was time for a visit. While we were there, I found notes and drawings in old notebooks that got me nostalgic and inspired. A new name and vision for my company came right away into my head. OFICIO - which means craft in English - is such a powerful word for this moment in history, it was exactly what I wanted to say. I want to start MAKING and stop dreaming. I want to start living - so symbolic after 2 years avoiding.

Oficio is the art of making things with technique and skill. Refers back to the artisanal and to the value of processes, and connects us to the handmade tradition in a deep way. This is a place where I intend to paint, embroider, weave, write, decorate, plan, create art and fashion. 

I certainly bring my Brazilian side..... etc wear a bit of Brasil.

Oficio incentivizes conscious consumption, not just environmentally conscious but also conscious with appreciation of beautiful things, things made with care, intention, heart and _______ (good taste).

The intention has always been to create and produce timeless goods / pieces, of great / high quality, with an uncommon level of care and attention to detail. small batch / small scale production, not mass production. impeccable finishing.


Pillars of OFICIO:

I. Appreciate beautiful things

II. Stay small

III. 'Feito à mão' - handmade

IV. Make a positive impact