The Delicious Brazilian Carrot Cake

The Delicious Brazilian Carrot Cake

Hi again friends!

As you all know I'm a crazy fan of my mom's delicious culinary talents! Whenever I go to her house there is something awesome on the table and when you ask her how she did it she always says: 'Oh, it's very easy!' And then the sentence is followed by 7 thousand involved steps and all of a sudden she's lost me! But for this carrot cake recipe, she was actually right! Super duper easy!

Even though she claims to be a not-so-good baker (humble!) I have to say that this is my favourite cake recipe in the world! No, wait! I'm lying! Her pineapple cake is for sure my favourite, and I will probably post that here soon too! Your mind is going to explode with the beauty and deliciousness of that cake! No... there is also the apple cake! Can I have three favourites? 

Anyhow, this carrot cake is great for a slumber party, dinner date or meeting with friends! In fact, I'm just about to bake them myself for a pattern drafting workshop I'm hosting tomorrow! 

Here is how it goes:

2 big Carrots

2 cups of flour 

3 eggs

1 1/2 cup of sugar

1/2 cup vegetable oil

2 tsp of baking powder (if your flour doesn't already have it)

1 tsp of salt



First, chop the carrots and blend well in the food processor. Add the rest of the ingredients and you will have an awesome creamy batter ready to go in oven. It's that easy!

I used my Ikea silicone muffin forms because you don't need to spray anything on them - they are ready for the batter! Super practical! Don't fill it to the top because the mini cakes grow a tiny bit. I filled mine with room to grow 1/4 inch. Put them in the oven at 220°C - 245°C (425°F - 475°F) and bake them for 15/20 minutes. And voilà! Twenty delicious mini cakes for you, your family and friends to enjoy! 





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