Make the Cutest Tassel you will ever See

Make the Cutest Tassel you will ever See

Have you ever wondered how these cute tassels were made?



When I started in the crafts world this was one of the first pretty little things I learned! Boy, I'm happy I did! I attach them to bags, make larger ones for parties, give them as gifts as a key chain, and make chubbier monochromatic ones for garlands! The possibilities are endless! They all always look amazing! And best of all, they are extremely easy to put together! So let's get started!


What you will need:

6 different colors of 100% cotton embroidery thread 




Choose one color for the tassel itself. We will use a whole bundle for that. And choose six different colors that you'll use to wrap around the bundle. Cut 15 inches of each. 



Start the first color at about 2 1/4 inches in on the bundle, and start wrapping it around the bundle with about 3 inches of the thread remaining so you can tie it when you finish with this color. The way we'll do it is we'll hold the remaining thread with one hand and we'll wrap the thread on top of that so once you're done with this color we'll tie the one end that is under the wrap to the other end that finished the wrap. Okay! It sounds complicated haha, but you will understand it when you see it! I promise!



Note how I am holding the remaining thread with my left hand and wrapping the other end on top of that!



Now once you finish you can tie just a single knot!



The second color will go on top of that knot and we'll do the same as we did with the first one. Remember to leave remaining thread so you can tie the knot. 



We'll hold the remaing threads all together with the left hand and repeat the same process from above!



Going on top of the knot! 



And we'll go on until we finish the fifth color. Now we can cut the remaining threads at 1/4 inch. 



Curve the bundle and start with the last step.





Remember to leave enough remaining thread to tie the knot in the end.



And again going over those remaining threads from before! It's kind of relaxing actually!



Tie a double knot this time, to make it more secure!



Cut the excess thread before you finish! Go over that to make sure it's all hidden!



Tuck the knot under the thread with pointy scissors!



Cut the lops aaaand you're done! 

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