The Perfect Rabanada

The Perfect Rabanada

Hi guys!

First of all, I want to say that this is probably my favourite dessert on earth! Rabanada (pronounced 'Habanada') is a traditional Brazilian Christmas dish that I eat all year round! My mom is the ultimate expert Rabanada maker! Actually she is the ultimate everything maker really! So a lot of the recipes you will see here come from her! Good thing I don't live so close to her, otherwise I would have to live in the gym!

So this is what it looks like!



The texture towards the middle is like custard, and the surface is a bit crunchy from the sugar and cinnamon mix that goes on top. It is similar to a French Toast, but the taste is so different! How is that for vague? All I know is that you have to try it! It's relatively easy to make, and here's what my mom said when I asked for the recipe:

"Rabanada Bread, condensed milk, milk, eggs."

'Okay! This is not how you provide a recipe, mom!' First let me explain what a Rabanada Bread is. It's a heavier special bread made only for this purpose. It looks exactly like a baguette, but it doesn't have the crunchy crust. In Brazil it's very common, but you need to special-order it in the bakery if you are not one of those regular people who make rabanadas only during the Christmas season haha.

But anyway, let's try this again: 

1 baguette (60cm - 23 inches) with a soft crust (since you probably won't find rabanada bread)

1 part condensed milk (use 1 can - 395ml)

2 parts milk 

2 eggs

Sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top to taste




Blend the condensed milk, the milk and the eggs, and you batter is ready! Mix some sugar with cinnamon and save it.

Cut the bread with a 1-inch-thickness, like in the photo above. Let it soak in the batter for about 5 minutes.



Butter the frying pan and fry the rabanadas until golden.Then flip them and fry the other side too.



If you don't have a huge frying pan, and you are not able to fry all of the rabanadas at once, remember to always add more butter between the batches. This is how it's looking like!



Now it's time for the sugar + cinnamon mix. Sprinkle some on the plate and place the rabanadas on top. Sprinkle more on top to your taste! It kind of melts right away, so do it while they are hot!



Are you dying to eat them already? I am!!!!! 



And if you have a coffee obsession like I do, you should most definitely have them together!





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